Chapter 1

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“Brianne, look!”

I glanced up from the novel I was reading, curious to see what my friend, Kyla Strutters, was excited about.  My eyes slid past her giddy figure, latching on to the school parking lot.  I didn’t see what the fuss was all about.  I mean it was a parking lot.  It didn’t scream, “Oh, let’s hop up and down from excitement!” to me.

Kyla was so weird.

“And what, may I ask, is so interesting about the parking lot?” I drawled, shooting my friend an amused look.

Kyla huffed, her hands going to her hips.  “Look closer, you moron.”

I gazed out at the parking lot again, trying to find the source of Kyla’s outburst.  A few groups of people were chatting as they made their way to the grounds, oblivious to the vehicles trying to find a good parking spot around them.  Buses were letting kids out as they sat lined up on the curb.  Nothing really stood out.  It was just a normal morning at Lewiston High School.

“I don’t see anything,” I replied finally, shaking my head.  “Is this like the time when you were delirious and saw things that weren’t really there?”

Kyla’s gaze tore from the parking lot and settled on me.  She regarded me coolly as she sputtered, “You know that was the result of pain killers because of my surgery, Bri!  I thought we agreed never to speak of that again.”
I giggled under my breath, wiping my face with my hand.  “Sure it was.”
Kyla rolled her eyes, turning her attention back to the parking lot.  I sighed lightly, following her gaze.  She was staring towards the school’s entrance, her eyes alight with admiration.  I squinted.  I couldn’t see what the heck could be so fascinating.
And then my eyes landed on a specific car.
“Seriously?” I whined.  “That’s what you’re obsessing over?  That’s really sad.”
Kyla didn’t even blink.  She’d blocked me out, her world consumed by one thing and one thing only: Dannon Barone.  I sighed, my eyes flicking back to him as he slammed the door of his Saturn shut, reaching an arm over his head to lock his doors with what I presumed was his automatic locker.  I pursed my lips as the headlights flashed.  I just didn’t get why everyone was so obsessed with the guy.
I mentally sighed.  Dannon Barone was like one of those stereotypical jocks from a chick flick.  Surrounded by people all the time, soaking in his fame, and putting on a smile to attract the ladies.  Oh, he pretended that he was nice and caring, but I bet that he was just a jerk behind a mask.  A fake.  And I hated him for that on principle.
I looked back at my friend and groaned, closing my eyes.  She was practically drooling as she stared, seeming as though she was going to faint.  This was ridiculous.  Hadn’t people seen a guy with dark locks of hair and electric blue eyes before?  By the looks of the fan-girls around me, apparently not.
The sad thing was?  Dannon didn’t even look like he noticed half of the girls staring at him.  He crossed through the parking lot at ease, trotting across the crosswalk and onto the school’s grounds without a care in the world.  He didn’t even glance at the four or so groups of girls gawking at him from the school’s lawn.  It was like he didn’t know they were there.
“Here he comes!” Kyla squealed, her hands curled into fists as she held them against the bottom of her mouth.  She giggled loudly.
“He’s going to hear you,” I warned.  It was quite embarrassing being around someone so openly showing off their affections to another someone that didn’t give them the time of day.  It was sad, really.